Saturday, January 21, 2012

do wacka do

"At my age, you think you've seen it all. Then boom! Somethin' else happens." 
-Burt, Raising Hope

Remember how we got rid of cable last week? Yeah, well apparently that doesn't mean we stop watching TV. That 9-10pm hour draws me to the couch like an undertow, and most nights I'm too brain-dead to read my shiny stack of library books. Instead, we've discovered a new show to stream on Netflix, marathon-style: Raising Hope! It took us so long to get on board, despite the literally dozens of friends who told us we should. In case you're also one of those people who can only add so many TV shows to the repertoire at once, let me just say that this one should move up a few notches on your stand-by list.

I haven't done a Top 5 list in a while, so I thought it was about time to share some of the TV shows we've gotten into in the last year or so (note to self: this kind of fluff post is what happens when you decide to blog every day):

  1. Modern Family
  2. Dexter
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. Raising Hope
  5. The Walking Dead

I give honorable mention to Portlandia; it very nearly tied with The Walking Dead for fifth place. If you can't stomach flesh-eating zombies (I can't and still go running out of the room when zombies appear, which is thankfully less often now on the show), stick Portlandia in the fifth slot instead. It's funny but also just about the weirdest show I've ever seen; think Kids in the Hall meets SNL meets anything by Christopher Guest.

General pop culture praise says that we should also be watching Downton Abbey (season 1 currently has 240 holds at the library), Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, and The Wire. We gave The Wire a good long try but got turned off in the second season of incessant boring dockworker stories. Perhaps we'll give it another try. What's on your list?

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Editor's Note: This post is part of Friday Fives.


Emily Sefcik said...

We don't have cable either...but streaming netflix means I've watched more shows than ever recently. Gotta love that mindless time after the kiddo goes to sleep. My husband and I cherish it! I admit we've been watching Portlandia. Totally over the top but since we've been to many of the locations where the show is filmed, it holds a special place in our hearts. I can only imagine what people who have never experienced Portland or the Pacific Northwest think of the show : ) I can't watch too many in a row but I keep coming back. We're also a sucker for documentaries. I recently watched on called "Dive" (about dumpster diving) and it was actually really interesting. Not at all what I expected. We also went through the first 6 seasons of The Office before we took a break. And we had some good laughs over Arrested Development as well. Can you tell we like pretty mindless stuff? We have to rest our brains at night!

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Ooo, the Dive sounds intriguing. Arrested Development is my favorite show ever! Not what I'd call mindless...sometimes it takes me three times watching an episode to catch all the jokes. I know what you mean though. Buster is my favorite. "I love juice!"

Taylor Norris said...

My hubby got hooked on The Walking Dead over the Christmas holiday. He watched the entire first season on Netflix and then was so hooked on it, he bought the entire 2nd season on iTunes (when the new shows are released, they'll download to his iTunes account). My hubby never, ever watches tv unless it is football or a movie. So I was quite surprised he got hooked on a tv series. ;) (and I don't do zombies at all, so this one couldn't even be added to my must watch list.)

Emily Sefcik said...

Too true...I meant mindless in that I could laugh really hard and not have to think about difficult social issues such that the documentaries we watch generally bring up : ) I love Buster but I about died laughing when Tobias said, "I just blue myself"....

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Tobias is great. I dare not type it here, but this is my favorite Tobias line of all time:

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