Tuesday, November 01, 2011

video cornucopia

I've had these videos on my desktop for a few weeks waiting to be loaded on the blog, and what started as two has become four. I've got even more in the camera, but I've gotta get through the backlog first. A few of them are a length that only a grandparent or Martin Scorsese could love, so I apologize for the lack of editing.

Charlie is still a screetcher, both when she's happy and sad. People are continually blown away by the high pitch of her scream, especially when she first starts crying. There is a telltale "calm before the storm," when she has her mouth wide open and a red face but no sound is coming out yet, which gives me enough time to lean away from the scream. It causes my ear to ring every time.


Watching this one after two straight weeks of teething and ear infections makes me realize how smiley she is when she isn't in pain. Poor baby!


I never catch the cutest moments on video. Isn't this the cliche of every parent's videos? But ZOMG, it's true. Here's me trying to catch her imitating my cough/sneeze. Still pretty cute.


Cuteness abounds in this one of her and her Grandpa Dave. This is almost a month ago. See how well she stands? Even better now. She can walk but chooses not to, apparently my same MO. Surprise, surprise.


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