Saturday, November 19, 2011

a journey to another time

We saw Midnight in Paris a week ago. Have you seen it? I love the romantic notion of being able to travel back in time and interact with great authors and artists, especially those with great passion like Ernest Hemingway.

The film got me thinking of what period I would like to experience, if only for a few nights, and in whose company I would choose to be. I have always loved the idea of visiting the Georgian and Victorian eras; the Gothic Revival architecture, the World's Fair, the music, the theater, the dancing. The DANCING. Oh, I would adore the dancing. 

I would love to know what Jane Austen was like. Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are three of my favorite, oft-read novels. And how about William Blake, John Keats, Lewis Carroll, and of course Mark Twain would have been there on a trip to London. How heavenly!

Have you ever noticed all the childhood nursery rhymes seem to have been created in that era? Every time I read them to the girls I am whisked away in time, and I enjoy the temporary mental travel.

The book I picked up last week at my favorite resale shop has some great old rhymes in it, and the illustrations add depth to the short tales.

After enjoying Midnight in Paris, I finally got Vicky Cristina Barcelona from the library, and I also liked it very much. I might have liked it even better because of the fabulous acting and music. I can't say I agree with Woody Allen's transient view of love, but I can appreciate his artistry.

What's your take? Yea or nay on Woody Allen movies?

Meet you back here tomorrow for some more randomness.


Elizabeth said...

When I read Anna Quindlen's essays about 2 lifetimes ago, I always remember that she said her favorite book was Anna Karenina, but the one she felt the most like she would belong in, where she could just "drop in and start jawboning with Elizabeth about dreamy Mr. Darcy" was Pride and Prejudice. I love the word jawboning and the thought of dropping in with them to gossip.

Justine said...

Jawboning! I'm going to borrow her word. Genius. And talking to Mr. Darcy would be so dreamy. Although I suspect I'd do more jawboning with Bingley, and I'd just ogle Mr. Darcy from the corner.


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