Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a goat rodeo

Lots going on here today. Cooking and gyming and buying groceries, but in reverse order. Boston has opted to grace us with its winter fugliness today, so we're having low 40's and drizzle while I try to get the bookoo tasks accomplished. But I'm doing it all with a smile anyway. What can I say? It's my southern charm, I guess.

I'm getting most of my cooking tasks done yesterday and today so I can enjoy the company and football tomorrow with the gang. I'm doing roasted root veggies, spinach salad, cranberry sauce, and two desserts. I've eaten both desserts before, louise cake by a Kiwi friend and chocolate pecan chess pie from my youthful days of yore, but this will be my inaugural attempt at making them myself.

My big cooking dilemmas today are whether to have thyme or sage with the veggies and what kind of dressing to make for the salad (spinach, spicy pecans, dried cranberries, shallots, and gorgonzola). Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? What've you got cookin'?

Let's see, what else is new around here? My new eye doctor scared talked me into letting him dilate my pupils so he could examine my retinas a few days ago. Have you had this done recently? It's been at least five years for me, maybe more, and I distinctly remember last time the doctor made sure Nate was there to give me a ride home afterward. Not this time, though. Oh sure, you can drive at night, you just can't read very well for a couple of hours.

Whoa baby. I don't know what it feels like to be on acid, but if movies are any indication, it must be a lot like having dilated pupils. Every light had a huge halo around it, and I couldn't read a thing, including street signs! It was not far out, dude.

While I was blindly and psychedelically trying to find my way home in the dark, I was also listening to NPR's interview with a new musical group formed by Yo-Yo Ma. They are calling their sessions a "goat rodeo," which is an aviation term kind of like FUBAR but a little less scary military acronym-ish and a little more "Make it work" Tim Gunn-ish. It got me thinking that the term befits my own household. We are a regular goat rodeo, full of missteps, difficulties, and chaos. I might not always have my favorite choice of animal, and it sho nuff ain't gonna be pretty, but I'm gonna ride that sucker, dammit.

Today marks the 1-week home stretch on my month of daily blogging. It's been fun and random, pretty much like I thought it would be. Thanks for keeping it interesting with your comments! I can't say I would have been as gungho without y'all spicing it up a bit.

Gobble gobble,


Alastair said...

Go with sage for sure (or both).

Also, how about a raspberry/cranberry/some other berry vinaigrette?

Justine said...

Both! Hadn't thought of that. Definitely going with both.

I love the vinaigrette idea. Headed to the kitchen now to play with my pomegranate molasses.

Thanks Al. Happy expat turkey day, "kiwi friend." :)

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