Monday, November 07, 2011

the gift of time

It was a great weekend all around. On Friday night, my Aunt Justine, cousin Jill and I journeyed into Boston to The Beehive, a restaurant with a bar and hip live music. What a great place! It was quite crowded already when we arrived at 9pm. We began our evening with libations at the bar. Jill ordered a round of champagne cocktails called a Tokyo Rose--a bubbly drink that goes down smooth and instantly dissolves the remaining cares of the day. After a few giggly toasts, we headed to our table.

I ogled the menu before finally settling on fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs and a bibb lettuce salad with blue cheese vinaigrette and beets. Delicious doesn't begin to cover it. "The fat is the best part!" is just one of my many blissful exclamations throughout the meal. The bossa nova band was wonderful, in particular the lovely singer. Do you ever watch someone swaying to music with their eyes closed and think they are enjoying the music on another level? That was her. And would I dance, on stage, with strangers watching, with my eyes closed? Let's just say, it would take quite a few baby aspirin to get me to do that.*

Saturday mornings are typically spent catching up on the kind of stuff I can't get done when I'm the only one around the house, like making a giant curbside mound out of the fallen tree branches sprinkled throughout the yard and hooking up our newish carriage for the kids onto Nate's bike. The hook-up became a curse fest for Nate as he first blew a tire trying to pump it with air, and then after returning with a new tube and fixing it, discovered his bike chain is rusted so badly it won't move. So yet again, no biking this weekend.

Saturday afternoon I took Vivi to Harvard to participate in another research project, this time a memory study. She enjoys the attention of a "special trip," and I like showing her new places we don't usually see when I have to cart a toddler around with us. Who knows, maybe she'll absorb some of the brilliance bouncing around campus? Oh, and of course there's the prize she gets at the end. It was fun walking around Cambridge and pretending we belonged, even as I snapped photos of her at Harvard, her future alma mater (not that I'm proud, or anything, but she is acing the challenging finger-painting of preschool).

Yesterday we started early with church. Vivi left talking about how she learned about sharing in her class, and she talked even more about the sweet snack of pirate's booty she scored. After church we headed to Acton for brunch with friends at their house. It was such a pleasant morning. Can I tell you how awesome it is to walk into someone's house and have your three-year-old run off to play so you can have twenty minutes of uninterrupted adult conversation? And so what if your one-year-old is around the corner eating legos off the floor? Nobody's perfect.

We left brunch feeling optimistic; their kids are 6 and 9, and they were able to have friends over to their beautiful home, serve the best homemade quiche and pumpkin bread we've ever had, and appear at ease. There's hope for our future! When you have a one-year-old, it feels like the end of sophistication for eternity. I was happy to be proved wrong. We were also happy to get a good tip from fellow parents who aren't in a hurry to give their kids furry pets; they have a grasshopper and a gecko for pets! I think, "I can handle that." But then, last night I have this dream that I'm saving my family from a killer praying mantis that is trying to eat my children; Tom Cruise plays the part of my Dad. Any ideas there?

Sunday afternoon we took a stroll around a pond at our local Audubon habitat. Always a beautiful spot, it was particularly spectacular today with the falling leaves and afternoon sun.

We spent our evening yelling at the TV during the most intense second half of any NFL game I can remember watching. Unfortunately the Pats lost their first home game since 2008. But at least I have something to discuss with the locals tomorrow! And P.S., I don't get why everyone goes on all the time about Tom Brady being hot. He licks his fingers constantly during the game--who wants to kiss that mouth? Ick.

This post is so long! Wish there was more of a story arc to this narrative, but sometimes I just get going and can't stop. So here's a little more...

One of the best parts about my birthday weekend is that it happened to occur during the daylight savings clock switch this year. My actual birthday isn't until Tuesday, but as this is one of the only times of year that is all about me, I start celebrating when I'm good and ready. Like I was saying, the clock switch. A favorite aspect of autumn has always been the "fall back." More time! Best gift I could ask for. I like it that they moved it to November both because of my birthday and because it gets dark so early here after the time change. I spent my hour sleeping; a mother who is given extra sleep with no consequences does not question, does not blink, she takes it. How did y'all spend yours?

*Note: If you don't watch "Modern Family," you're going to miss an occasional reference. Get with the program, people!


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