Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonder Woman's beauty secrets

Got your Halloween costumes ready yet? Vivi is going as a cowgirl, both because of Jessie from Toy Story and because of the "Every Cowgirl" children's stories. I'm slowly gathering pieces from around the house and thrift stores for the big day. I'm all for homemade costumes for older kids instead of buying the expensive, cheaply-made kind.

I love his expression. "Yup, it's me. Batman."

Girls are especially fun to dress up since women don't get to do much "dress-up" any more as adults. Have you seen the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look that has been bouncing around Pinterest lately? Too cute! Though I'm a sucker for making our own costumes, I gotta say I think the trend of putting babies in store-bought pumpkin or animal costumes is adorable. Charlotte is going as a cow, which was Vivi's costume a few years back (a hand-me-down of a hand-me-down I got at a consignment sale).

Love it! I will of course document the entire occasion, including the candy loot and any meltdowns, should they occur. I'm just glad we didn't go with any of these options. Really, parents? Really?! #Fail.

 To get you pumped for Halloween, here are some costumes displaying my own former glory. Most are from summer camp. Much silliness had by all.

Little known fact about Wonder Woman: control top hose.

Decade Day

Tomb Raider, Hulk, Wolverine, Britney Spears?
Me as a bunny, circa 1983. Don't I look excited?

My BFF AnnaLysa wins the award for best homemade costumes. Some of my favs...

Spiderwoman, with Billie Holiday and Michael Jackson in the background.


Since Nate refuses to participate in Halloween (I know, what's the deal? I've made much ado about this in the past), I have to catch him being silly when the rare moments occur.

Exhibit A:

In Kenya, delivering used clothes to families. Boys will be boys.
Or in this case, boys will dress up like soccer moms.

Exhibit B:
Nate's 21st, I think. Where did he get this wig?
And here's an actual Halloween picture of him, maybe the last one he dressed up for. I love the use of the sweatshirt as a cape and the shorts over black sweatpants. Great homemade costume!

Circa 1984.

Our neighborhood is already very festive, so I'm guessing the kids will turn out in droves come Halloween. Thing I love about modern Halloween decorations: the lights! Running in the evening in October has always been a beloved pastime, and it just got even betterer. Thing I do not love about modern Halloween decorations: giant inflated pumpkins and ghosts that run on electricity. "Hello, we're Americans, and we love wasting power!"

We've got big Halloween weekend plans, but not of the traditional kind. My dad, brother (and maybe his girlfriend from Rhode, really), my brother's BFF, and my grandfather are all trekking up to Boston in my Grandaddy's BMW for a visit. I'm thrilled they are coming, but no more excited than my daughter who tells me no less than five times a day, "Pssst. Mommy, I have a secret. Grandpa Jim is coming in three weeks!"

What are your kids going to be this year? Got costume parties planned? I can't wait to hear what pop culture references ya'll use for costumes so I can live vicariously. Allow me to share some ideas for Britney Spears costumes I stumbled upon. I can't decide if this is satire or serious. Unfortunately, I think it might be fo' shizz. Check out step #7 on the first look: "Ask a friend to take a marker and draw diamond-shaped designs on your chest."And hey, while you're at it, don't forget to ask her to write "T-O-O-L" on your forehead.

Ever hear Seinfeld's bit on Halloween? Hysterical, but not at all funny in book form as it turns out.


dstenz said...

somewhere I have a great picture of you in a beehive wig and feather boa.

Justine said...

Ha! Dana, I don't think I ended up with a picture from that year. I can't imagine how horribly awesome and awkward it is, but if memory serves, I imagine it to look something like "Tina Fey as a child."

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