Saturday, October 01, 2011

we are fam-I-LY...

My in-laws are in town, and Vivi is super excited to have new people she can inundate with her incessant, hilarious questions about life. Tonight was a good example of me feeling sorry I brought up a topic. During "Talk About It," our first of three bedtime rituals (which I invented when I was a kid and still adore to this day), I casually brought up the fact that tomorrow is our seventh wedding anniversary.

"What's an anniversary?" (Ok, so I knew this question was coming)

"Mommy and Daddy met a long time ago and fell in love, and then we got married, and now we are living happily ever after with you and Charlotte."

"You got married? Did I watch it happen?"

"No, you weren't born yet."

"Where was I? What's born?"

Cue exit music...

We are celebrating tomorrow's milestone with brunch, our favorite meal ever. Then I will do some major consignment-sale-shopping, and we'll probably do some hiking. We'll end the evening as the major nerds we are and watch the new Ken Burns' special, Prohibition. According to NPR, it's one of the only watchable programs on TV this fall. What's up with that?

I had fun reliving our wedding photo album tonight. Here are a few goodies:

 Even though half of me is cut off in this one, I love that I am barefoot. Typical me in my 20's. I won the battle, shoes, but you won the war. And I loved that dress. Goodbye size 2.

I sooo had forgotten Nate had a soul patch at our wedding. There's one for the time capsule!

I think I mighta got my hair did. Hello blondie!

This one is a bit random, but get a load a' those guns. How depressing.

 I love how giddy he is in this picture. A little because we just got married, a bit more that we are in Hawaii on our honeymoon, but mostly because we are about to commence a huge all-you-can-eat luau. I am so fortunate to have embarked on this journey with this man, and seeing this picture again makes me realize how much I love him even more now. I know, it's cheesy. What can I say? When it comes to romance, I am a big cheese ball...but maybe mozzarella, not one of those gross multi-colored kind that they roll in nuts. What ARE those?

There are eleventy billion more pictures in this album that Nate took of me in a bikini. All I have to say about them is this: So long pre-baby boobies. You were loved.


Bek said...

Congratulations to you both! Hope you have a fabulous anniversary - you certainly have a lot of things to celebrate ;)

Katherine said...

Nathan is a lucky man indeed! And we are very fortunate to have you a part of our life! Yea!

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