Monday, October 31, 2011

Vivisms, vol 29

Happy Halloween!

Vivi: Guess what, Mommy? Grandpa Jim is coming! Oh, (hands clasped) I love him every day.

Vivi: Why are you so big in this picture?
Me: Because you are in my tummy. You weren't born yet.
Vivi: Why? Did you ate me?

Vivi: Wait down, wait down! Wait for me!

Dressing up for her preschool Halloween costume party...
Me: Put your arms in so we can tie the back (putting on her frog costume, which she insisted on to go with her frog backpack).
Vivi: No.
Me: Why not? We need to get ready so I can get Charlotte up.
Vivi: No. My friends won't like this one. I want to be a cowgirl instead.

Vivi (yelling from the kitchen to the living room): Daddy, when I'm done eating, I'm coming in there to give you a big hug.

Me: Do you know what your middle name is? It starts with a J.
Vivi: Jack?
Me: Haha, (to my dad) I say "Let's hit the road, Jack" when we're leaving the house, so that's why she thinks that. No Vivi, your middle name is Jane.
Vivi: Then stop calling me Jack!
Me: Ok, should I say "Let's hit the road, Jane"?
Vivi: Sure. [long pause] But I really want to be a superhero.

Nate (sweeping the kitchen): Ack! Where does all this come from?!
Vivi: I don't like"crumb crumbs" either, Daddy. They hurt my feet.

Vivi (walking in the bitter cold outside): My feets and legs are too windy!


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