Wednesday, October 05, 2011

this week in happiness

We've been having some good New England fun with the in-laws over the past few days, visiting Revolutionary War sites and picking apples. The girls loved seeing their grandparents, and Nate and I were just as enthusiastic about the visit. Nate's mom made apple pie with some of our bounty, and we all tried to outdo each other with our slice sizes and mountains of ice cream last night. Nate won, of course.

This morning we bid adieu at a rental car lot, and they are off to see New Hampshire for some leaf-peeping and a much needed break from the still-90's weather they have back in Florida. Our goodbye was a tad less sorrowful because we are planning a trip to see them during the holidays. Holy sticker-price shock, Batman! It is reee-donculously expensive to fly from Boston to Tampa during peak travel season. After swallowing some flies, we closed our mouths long enough to charge the new-couch-sized sum to our credit card and aren't looking back. It's all about the memories, right? And hey, this is the last year we can fly without paying for a ticket for Charlie, so it's only going to get worse from here. A little something cheery to ponder on my Wednesday.

In addition to my blissful mini-break of family fun, I am also in hog heaven over my new compost bin. As backyard lawn art goes, I suppose a large black cylinder isn't so chic, but I'm in love already. I made a huge pot of veggie soup yesterday, in large part so I could fill up a ten-quart bucket of scraps to carry out back and mix into my wet leaves and shredded newspaper. Folks, it doesn't take much to please this girl. I'm helping the environment, saving money on soil for next year's garden, and our kitchen garbage is about a trillion times less smelly already. Winning!


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