Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the mantel: before and after

I have previously discussed my love of Pinterest, but I hadn't actually made anything I've pinned, aside from a chicken recipe, until now. I never would have taken on the mantel project in the first place had it not been for the zillions of gorgeous mantel decoration photos I'd scrolled through and pinned on Pinterest in recent weeks. I kept staring at my mantel last week, knowing I wanted to change it but thinking it would take time and money. But it didn't! I spent only a few minutes and $2 on a gourd. The rest of the stuff came from other places in the house.

I am annoyed at myself for not planning ahead and taking a picture of the drab, cliche mantel we had prior to my little project. Oh well, this blurry picture is the best I could find. Keep your expectations low:

Since you can't really see beyond Charlie's giant head, I'll paint you a picture. All that was on my mantel before was a framed map (which we love but was out of place there) and some books pinned between two carved elephant book ends.

Progress! It's still not perfect. I know I need to take down some accessories to make it less cluttered, I just can't decide which ones. I'm also looking forward to getting more fall elements as the weather changes, like maple leaves or a wheat bundle or two.

Wish I had the skills needed to edit out my external flash reflection in the picture of us in Paris. I currently have a 30-day Photoshop trial, but I'm finding that it is more difficult and less fun than I thought it would be to play around with it. Feels like work, you know? And when I'm Mommying, I'm all about doing only stuff that feels like play in my spare time. I still want to get some version of Adobe (probably either Photoshop Premier Elements or Lightroom), but I think I'm going to take a friend's advice and sign up for a class to help me understand all the fun gadgets.

Despite my amateur decorating and photographing technique, I'm linking to a fall-themed mantel blog party. I didn't know such a thing existed until reading a design blog today. There is much to love about the Interwebs these days.

Update 10/16/11: I added more fall elements to our mantel, including a few pumpkin tree branches from Trader Joe's, a giant gourd from a local farm, and some owl candles from TJ Maxx. Am I trendy or what?

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