Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ladies are BIG

Getting out the board books again for a second child brings me back some favorites, such as the one below, called "Big Little" by Leslie Patricelli...

That page cracks me up every time I turn to it. It doesn't matter how many times I see it. It's the small stuff in life, you know? And I suppose it's true...some ladies are big, am I right? Care to guess what little thing was paired with the big ladies?

Ladybugs, of course!

I had one of those really normal days yesterday when everything is as it should be. The woods were smelling very woodsy, the kids were being their usual hilarious selves, and the clean house had a zen-like feel. This coming weekend I will be participating in my first ever consignment sale as a seller, and I am preparing for the event with great anticipation and delight to be ridding my house of lots of baby clutter. Y'all know how I love to purge and organize. I'll report back with the tallied winnings, which will in turn be spent on...more kid stuff. It's an exciting life, I gotta say.

I should mention that I am saving all the best baby stuff for that "you never know, but you'd be pissed to buy it all again" time in our lives, and then also for my sister-in-law. No pressure, Sista, I know you're not even married yet. So get married already! (Ok, so a little pressure never hurts).

I had a first "date" with my new bud from Vivi's school. Just to be sure we're on the same page, I'm talking about a mom, not a kid--remember "Laid Back Mom"? It was so nice to chat with a normal person at an impromptu hour at the park after school. And hey, it turns out she has some anxieties about preschool too. Who knew?


Katherine said...

ahhh marriage...we'll get there eventually- just might need to give Jason a healthy push! And as for kids, well, one step at a time!

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