Monday, July 11, 2011

rule of three

There's a great Latin phrase, omne trium perfectum, which means everything that comes in three is perfect. Well, I'm not certain about the perfection part, but Atlanta has called to me three times over the past few days. I recently learned from a friend that Music Midtown, my favorite concert when I was growing up, is moving to Piedmont Park this fall after a 6-year hiatus. How exciting! Great band choices too, I might add. Then the same day my mom told me about an affordable house for sale in a nice midtown neighborhood, and it got me intrigued to find out more, so I adopted Nate's hobby of "house-surfing." Have you heard of the site called RedFin yet? Nate loves to go on there and look for houses, sometimes in our area, and sometimes in other places we've considered living. At first I thought it was kind of a weird pastime, but when I got into it myself, I realized it's fun! I'm surprised how much the market has fallen; it's been a while since I've talked to anyone about house prices in Atlanta. While it can be fun, consider yourself forewarned that house-surfing is also slightly maddening because you find all these great places, and your energy has nowhere to go except back into looking for more houses.

Nate and I have a love-hate thing going on with the idea of moving back to Atlanta some day. On the one hand, it would be soooo great to move home where we have tons of friends and family. And on the other hand, it's...Atlanta. I can't help but remember the reasons we moved away: the heat, the traffic, the rude customer service, the seeming lack of care for the environment. Sigh. If we did move back, we'd love to live in Druid Hills or Decatur. There are some beautiful homes for sale there right now! I can't help but share a few I found [N.B. If you're reading this blog post even a few weeks after I published it, these links may not still work]. We LOVE craftsman bungalows, and nowhere we've lived outside the south has had very many of them. Check this one out. And how about this Victorian home? I can't believe it's less than $500k! Every place we've lived before you can just forget about owning one unless you're a millionaire.

The last in the trifecta of strange coincidences is that I watched an episode of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," and he was in where of all places but a cool organic restaurant in the Morningside area. For those of you wondering, no we're not planning to move back to Atlanta any time soon. Nate's job is going well, and we're making an honest attempt to grow roots in Boston. But as with my dream to go to nursing school, moving home is always on my mind somewhere. And it would seem that either Atlanta, or my subconscious, is trying to draw that dream to the forefront.


Caroline & David said...

If you do it, we'll do it...

Justine said...

That would be AWESOME! We're working on it, slowly but surely. Nate is figuring out his angle for how he's going to make it happen and still work for the same co. Fingers crossed.

Dana said...

PS, I think you ALL need to do it. After Matt and I moved to Edgewood, we realized why we didn't like Atlanta . . . because we lived in the burbs!

Move home! We miss you!!

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