Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vivisms, vol 15

Vivi singing Katy Perry while playing: Kiss me, kick me when you see (i.e. "ki-ki-kiss me"). Wanna be a big Tim ("victim"), ready for a big Tim.

Me: You girls made a big mess!
Vivi: Who made a mess?
Me: You did.
Vivi: I didn't!
Me: Then who did?
Vivi: Daddy did it.

Vivi (looking at me while I read): Mommy, why are you sad? (note to self: make a better "absentmindedly-reading-face")

Chuckisms (i.e. Charlotte's new words...and no, we call her Charlie not Chuck, but I think it's funny):
Daddy, Mama, Keey ("Kitty"), Geegee ("Vivi")

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