Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vivisms, vol 13

Vivi: Grandma, can you hold my ice cream?
Bonnie: Sure I will!
Vivi: And I will hold my spoon. (getting out of the car...)
Vivi: But I can't eat bugs with my spoon, Daddy!

Vivi: Where are we going?
Nate: Dunkin Donuts.
Vivi: Mmmm, naked donuts are my favorite!

Vivi: ...obnoxious nonsense singing in the backpack, while strolling through the Public Garden...
Nate: Ok, that's enough of that.
Vivi: But Daddy, I need to!
Nate: Why?
Vivi: I need to sing for all these people.

Vivi (in the car): Mommy, it's Katy Perry! I love this song! It's my favorite song! Do you love it too?
Me: Yes, I like this one too.
Vivi: Can you sing with me?
Me: ...singing...
Vivi: No, not like that! That wasn't good.

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