Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Vivisms, vol 10

The 3rd degree...
Mommy: What do you want for your birthday?
Vivi: A cake and presents.
Mommy: What kind of present?
Vivi: A toy!
Mommy: What kind of toy?
Vivi: A pink toy!
Mommy: What kind of pink toy?
Vivi: A ball.
Mommy: What about a blue ball? (I had already bought one)
Vivi: Yeah, that sounds great! And we can kick it together and say "hooray!"

The doctor asked her lots of questions at her 3-year check-up to test cognitive ability, including...
Doc: What should I do if I am cold?
Vivi: Get sunny!
Doc: What should I do if I'm hungry?
Vivi: Eat food, silly.

At the gym...
Vivi (to caregiver): It was my birthday yesterday, and I'm three years old, and I got cake and presents, and they are all MINE! But you can play with them too. 

Vivi: Bob Marley likes jam, Mommy. And I like jam too! Especially blackberry jam. Yum.

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