Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vivi turns three

I'm a little behind posting about Vivi's birthday, which happened a week ago. I've been enjoying finally being able to go outside!

We celebrated Vivi's birthday all weekend long, starting with a trip to a local farm on Friday with her best friend Avery. Avery's mom and I have become friends, so we had a great time chatting as the girls giggled and ran around holding hands. It was quite possibly the most adorable moment of Vivi's life so far. The farm was hosting a kids' event where they made stations at each animal pen and let the kids make little art projects; they even gave them baskets to carry their goodies in. The girls ate up every moment and every bit of the cookies I gave them, and Charlotte watched wide-eyed from in her backpack. Oh how she wishes she could join in the fun! On the day of her birthday we had my cousin and her family over to eat dinner and chat; Vivi and her little cousin Ella had many giggly moments, including when they decided to feed each other icing while no one was looking. I only wish I had gotten more pictures. We ended the weekend with a hike in the beautiful Blue Hills, taking advantage of one of the first nice days we've had this year. I can't wait until the girls are a little older so we can start taking them camping; they love being outdoors.

It's hard to believe Genevieve is already three years old, and yet she seems so grown up at times I forget she's not older. I'm hoping to make letters to my kids a traditional part of their birthdays. So here goes...

Dear Genevieve, 
Before my eyes you have suddenly grown from a toddler into a full-fledged kid. And what a great kid you are! You are almost always happy and laughing about something "silly," a word you use about a million times a day. My favorite thing to do with you is read, and I feel lucky you seem to love it as much as I do; it has become a weekly activity to return to the library for more books. Our library has a wonderful children's section with an alphabet puzzle and books you can pull out and look at on your own, so I usually give you some time by yourself to explore while I set off with Charlie to find some weekend movies. You love all books about farm animals, pirates (a special favorite called "Pigs Ahoy!" combined the two), ballerinas, princesses, dinosaurs, and being a big sister. You were very excited about your third birthday, and we talked about it daily for the two months between Daddy's birthday and yours. Since you love food so much, I was very surprised you didn't like the taste of either your birthday cake or the cupcakes we made the next day. I guess your food preferences are like mine in one small way at least. You are such a sweet and helpful big sister, and one of your favorite things to do is make Charlotte laugh. If she cries, you are very sympathetic and say "That's ok, Charlotte. You probably just need to poop!" I know this is going to be a great year for us, and sometimes I wish I could freeze time so you will always be my little angel. I love you very much!  
Love, Mommy

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