Monday, May 16, 2011

the tiniest violin

Ready for some whining? I've got no right to complain because, hey, I'm an American, meaning I have every need covered and then some. I have all the food I need, I'm able to splurge and go out to eat occasionally, I have two beautiful children, I can take the girls to the gym for 2 blissful hours a day, I drive a nice new car, and did I mention yet that I don't have a job? Moreover, I live in a gorgeous town, and incidentally, I discovered by accident today you can leave your front door wide open here for hours at a time while you're out running errands, and no one steals from you. So now that I've run through my wonderful life, allow me to demonstrate my A#1 reason for bitching:

This weather S-U-C-K-S! If I had managed to do a screen capture of the last 4 days along with this forecast, you'd really see a nasty trend. Wait, 4 days, what am I saying? The last 4 MONTHS is more like it. And don't you listen to those weather men who say it might be partially sunny and 68-70 on the weekend because that ain't happening. Liars! If it does happen, I assure you it will be alongside 80mph winds and a bit of hail. Why are you doing this to me Boston?? You couldn't just ease me into your terrible weather, could you? Oh no, you had to lay it on thick and rub it in. This weather is EXACTLY like living in England again. 53 deg and light drizzle, 24 hrs a day. Not enough to stay indoors, but just enough to piss you off. It's no wonder British people aren't particularly happy...or tan for that matter. I have gone full fledged vampire now with my sickly pale skin and dark highlightless hair. Oh sun, how I miss you. I know I cursed your existence back when it was 98 and humid on a hot Georgia summer day, but I take it all back! I love you sun! Please come back!

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