Friday, April 01, 2011

a letter to Charlotte

I wrote a letter to Vivi when she was about 7 months old and enjoy going back and reading it every now and then. I decided to do the same for Charlie.

Dear Charlotte,
You are the perfect definition of happiness, a constantly serene observer of the crazy happenings around you. You don't say much, but Vivi fills the silence with lots and lots of noise to make up for it. She loves being your big sister, and her favorite activity is making you laugh and smile. I am continuously amazed at how different your personalities are so far. You go with the flow, and although you sometimes have a cautious or confused look on your face, you rarely cry except for the occasional protest squawk. I can hand you to strangers and as long as you can see me, you remain content. We go to the gym almost every day so you are able to have contact with other adults. The girls love you and a few tell me you are their favorite baby. I am also stopped daily by strangers who tell me you have the most beautiful blue eyes. A favorite expression among them is "she's a Gerber baby!" I'm biased but can't help but agree.

Yesterday was your 7-month birthday, and you seem to have changed over night into a big girl. Today I put you in a high chair for the first time, and you beamed at me through the whole meal. It was like you were proud and understood what a big milestone it was! You are really starting to be fun to play with because you can sit up, make facial expressions and sounds, and laugh. I can entertain you with simple games of pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo. The squishy books and rattles are also popular toys, and of course everything goes right in your mouth. We walked to the park a few days ago with you in the backpack for the first time, and you loved being up so high. You flapped your arms and squealed the whole way there. I know the time of you being a cuddly infant is soon going to end, so I am eating up every moment. I love that when I pick you up, you hug me and give me a big open-mouth kiss.Vivi is waiting impatiently for you to be big enough to play with her--little does she know what that will actually mean for all of "her" toys. When Vivi was 7 months old she had experienced an entire summer, but you have been bundled up nearly your whole life up to now. Spring is finally coming, so I look forward to showing you real animals and flowers. I know you will love going in the pool this summer because you love to splash in the bath. How splendid life is for a baby!


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