Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vivisms, vol 3

Getting dressed...
Vivi: These are my nipples, right Mommy?
Me: Yep, you're right.
Vivi: They are my favorite parts.

Just for the record...
Vivi: We are making pretty play-doh. It looks like a long poop! But we don't eat it.

Now that I have started making steel-cut oatmeal, Vivi refuses to eat the instant stuff I make when I'm in a hurry.
Vivi: I don't like it.
Me (tasting some): See Vivi, it's yummy!
Vivi: You eat it then.

Happy birthday, Bonnie/Mom!

1 comment:

XJGrl said...

I am with Vivi 100% on the steel cut oatmeal!!


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