Friday, March 18, 2011

remember: this is your ride

A few days ago I arrived early to my yoga class to find an unfortunate group of doughy, sweaty, uncoordinated ladies doing what they called zumba but I call horribly embarrassing. If you've never seen it, allow me to paint a picture. From what I could tell, to do zumba you must have: a) a belly-dancing type sash with little bells and mirrors on it, b) a giddy instructor with a fake, too-wide smile, and c) guts. Oh, and did I forget to mention they all hug and give each other high-fives at the end of class? Yak. I hope I didn't offend any zumba lovers with my snap judgment. Perhaps I am too quick to judge, but I am afraid I'd need some sort of grain alcohol or a xanax to give it a try, so I'll never know for sure if it's good or not.

Anywho, as I was saying, I got there early and was confused when the class seemed to be going late into the yoga time slot. So I turned to the people stretching next to me and asked "It is Wednesday, right?" They both stared at me for a moment too long and then one said "Uhhh, yeah" (read: duh, idiot). Cue Justine sheepishly slinking away to the opposite corner. Yup, I have officially crossed the line over into pajama-wearing, makeupless, could care less what day of the week it is, stay-at-home motherhood. Yikes. One of the dizzying side effects of homemaking is that you begin to lose sight not only of what day it is, but of why it matters to know what day it is. Let's call this sign #1 that I might be ready to consider finding a job again. But as we public healthers love to say, we'll just put that one in the parking lot for now and come back to it.

One of the many encouragements my high-tech spinning cycle at the gym gives me is the title above, which I suppose could metaphorically apply as a pep-talk for my life in general. You get one ride in life, so to speak, so take the time to enjoy it, right? Stop and smell the roses. Live life to its fullest. "This IS my ride!," I happily think to myself. I'm not quite sure my bike was actually telling me all these things, but I'll take it anyway. I am in need of such occasional prompts during this temporary jaunt into someone else's life. And hey, maybe I'll suggest to the Star Trac equipment company that they add "Remember: it's Wednesday" to their list of friendly reminders.


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