Thursday, March 17, 2011

a musical interlude

Maybe I'll change my mind again, but for now I'm not going to post "toddler tips" on Thursdays any more. I exhausted my ideas quickly, and I've discovered lately that while I love to organize my time and my stuff, I don't like to organize my all. It's no fun. Plus, if my digressions start having an aim, then I'm defeating the whole purposelessness of my blog. I'm going to take a hint from this famous lady blogger and just write about whatever I feel like; although I will be the first to admit hers is quite organized with its categories and pretty icons. Oh well, my five blog readers and I can go on the adventure of figuring this out together. For now, here are some albums I'm enjoying right now.

Arcade Fire- "The Suburbs"
Mumford & Sons- "Sigh No More"
Yeasayer- "Odd Blood"
Belle & Sebastian- "Write about Love"
Norah Jones- "...Featuring"


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