Thursday, February 17, 2011

toddler tip: the 20 commandments of discipline

I frequently note that parenting isn't for sissies, especially when you are outnumbered. I often feel as though I am barely hanging on by a thread, but when I am able to step back, I see that I do occasionally get something right. When I feel like I have constructive wisdom to pass on, I think I'll start posting those tips too, rather than just continuing to request tips from others or rant aimlessly about my challenge d'jour.

You've heard me say I love to organize my life, so why should my blog be any different? I'm going to experiment with posting a tip every Thursday. Since I am currently working with very little brain power, this plan will hopefully help me stay on track, and it doesn't hurt that tip and Thursday both start with T. If you see a tip on Tuesdays every now and then, don't hold it against me.

Disclaimer: This list isn't actually my own tip. It comes from my current favorite parenting book, and I thought it was worth sharing with other parents of young kids. Although I hate the expression "Terrible Two's," I have had my fair share of difficult moments as a mom, and I find this list very handy to review. Some of them are a bit repetitive. I underlined my favorites, which I say as mantras in my head in the midst of battle.

1. Use a 'prevent defense.'

2. Don't back down to avoid conflict.

3. Anticipate conflicts.

4. Anticipate attention-seeking behavior.

5. Act immediately.

6. Be consistent.

7. Pick your battles.

8. Make your comments short and sweet.

9. Focus on the behavior, not the child (i.e. what your kid did was bad, but the kid isn't bad).

10. Remind your child that you love her.

11. Don't yell! (remember The Godfather).

12. Show respect.

13. Be a good role model.

14. Catch your child being good.

15. Use age-appropriate and temperament-appropriate techniques.

16. Don't treat your child like an adult.

17. Lower your expectations.

18. Take emotion out of the equation.

19. Don't negotiate or make false promises (personally, I would call this one "Never negotiate with terrorists).

20. Remember to take a step back.

I am certain I fail more than I succeed, but somehow my child still turned out sweet and happy for the most part. Funny how that works.


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