Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preparing the nest

This has been a hectic but fun summer. I took an online anatomy class (not very fun), which ended last weekend, threw 3 baby showers for friends (fun), and went back home for a vacation (very fun). These pictures are from last weekend's baby shower for our friends David & Caroline. We were lucky that it wasn't too hot, and it was a great time to meet and hang out with a bunch of David & Caroline's DC friends.

Poor Vivi has had a heck of a month with teething trouble. She got 6 teeth at once, which led to canker sores, drainage, and eventually an ear infection. She is finally feeling a bit better today, so we are hoping we've seen the end of the teething domino effect. We have decided to start her at day care next month because we think she's ready to be more mentally stimulated. Our nanny has done a great job providing a warm home and loving environment for her since she was six months old, so I will be sad to take her away from that, but I know she's ready for a new challenge and to interact with children her age and older. One of the things we will lose in the transition is her speaking Spanish on a daily basis, so I have chosen to put her in a weekly Spanish immersion class called "Hola Baby!" I am looking forward to seeing her sing songs and play in Spanish because we have trouble getting her to speak it with us at home, even though our nanny says she speaks it well at day care.

The countdown is on for baby #2! I have only 2 1/2 weeks left before my due date, and we're both excited but a bit incredulous that this pregnancy flew by so fast. We are VERY excited that my mom is coming in at the end of the month because she's a big help to us, and we're not quite sure yet how difficult it's going to be to take care of two kids. People tell us frequently that we, and Vivi, are in for a big change, but my guess is you can't really know what it's like until you experience it for yourself. Nate took me on a surprise date night last Saturday to Palena Restaurant in Cleveland Park, and we had a great time eating an over-the-top expensive meal and pretending we're not normally at home playing with blocks and singing "Old MacDonald."


Lauren D said...

David and Caroline are pregnant?!?! AWESOME!! And I can't believe it's almost time for #2 to arrive for y'all. How exciting. :)

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