Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vivi turns 1!

What a great day! We were exhuasted, but it was a successful celebration. She was definitely overwhelmed by the number of presents and probably would have been satisfied playing with the bags and wrapping paper all day. She loved the piano Babci got her...


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Genevieve loves to eat, as usual. I think she really enjoys feeding herself. We started with shredded cheese because it's easy to eat--she still only has 4 front teeth. I discovered on our walk to the park today that when she's pointing at everything, she's actually saying "See!" because I always say "Look Vivi, see the _____?" She loves to say "Eeow" for "Meow" since I always ask "What do kitties say?" Today I experienced her first real temper tantrum at the park when I tried to remove her from the swing. She's as stubborn as her Daddy! Of course I continued what I was doing despite the protest, as every good parenting book tells me to do, but it was very hard not to laugh at her while she kicked and squealed.



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