Thursday, March 12, 2009

My bucket list

So, I'm turning 30 this year...gulp. Recently I've had my first experience during my 20s that make me realize I have more in common with friends in their 30s now. A few coworkers were chatting about how they used to monitor and remove pictures from Facebook during college that friends posted after parties...and the entire idea of having Facebook (and digital pictures, for that matter!) in college was totally foreign to me. I'm able to chat more about babies and carpet installation than I am current movies or music. I completely admit to being one of those people who used to say "that will never be me" when moms talked about being out of touch with pop culture. Now I realize that as long as I don't lose my identity, it's ok if it changes over time. The rewards are certainly worth the sacrifices.
As I was pondering my thirtieth birthday I started wondering, like on an old episode of Friends, what I want to do before the big day. On Tuesday I took my first spinning class in a year and a half, and it felt awesome. Immediately as I was leaving the gym I started wondering again if this is the year I could try a triathlon. I can run and swim well, so my learning curve is going to be with the bike, especially since I'm scared of clip-in peddles. The big DC Triathlon is on September 13th. I'm seriously considering training for it, but I would love to have someone to train with. Anyone interested?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy baby

Genevieve is a joy. We love playing with her and making her laugh and smile, which is ridiculously easy. I added a video taken today while I was trying to feed her dinner. I wasn't doing anything to make her laugh, she was amusing herself. And no, that's not Kathleen Turner, it's me with a head cold. My 2nd cold this winter for those keeping track...I miss pre-baby health. It's really hard to wash your hands enough when dealing with a squirmy toddler.



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