Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great vacations, tough weekend

My trip to Vogel State Park for my family reunion was great! Vivi loved playing with her cousin Anna, and I had a blast with my family. It was one of the best Vogels ever for sure. The plane ride home was hilarious--she learned how to say "Wow!" and said it constantly during take-off and landing. Passing her around to everyone was very good for her, and she's already doing much better at being left with friends and our babysitter. Babbling is in full swing, and as if it weren't hard enough to understand a toddler, we are trying to figure out if she might be saying some words in Spanish. I've already figured out she can say "agua" and "gato," so I'm betting there's a good 10 more words I'm missing. She loves to read books and will now grab one and climb into your lap to have you read to her. Cutest word ever so far is "thank you," which sounds like "day doo."

I had a tough time this weekend because I had 2 days of anatomy lab, 8 hours per day...YUCK. Plus Nate left today for a week of training (don't ask, you know the drill by now), so I missed seeing him off and am now spending the evening studying more anatomy. I reallly hope this pays off some day. I am still looking forward to nursing school, maybe to start next summer. Our community college does online nursing classes--can you believe that? The hardest scheduling glitch will be my clinic hours. We'll see.

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Lauren D said...

I was at Vogel on Sunday! I just missed you!


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