Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Countdown is On...

I had two good interviews last week and have already had a callback for a second interview at one of the jobs on Monday, so I'm optimistic one of them will offer me a position. This is both good and bad news because it means I will have to put Vivi in daycare. Though we found a woman we like and feel comfortable with, I know it will be really hard for me to let go. We're starting at half-time (12-4 M-F) this Wednesday, so that will give both of us a chance to warm up to the idea. I also interviewed our first babysitter a few days ago, so pretty soon I'll start being able to get some unpacking accomplished. I'm still stepping over boxes and bags to get to the kitchen sink and the toilet, so you can imagine how high our current discomfort level is.

Any signs that we purchased a money pit? A few, but I'm trying to ignore them and stay on the positive side. We knew going into it that we were purchasing an older home, which is much more romantic in theory. When you actually begin living in one, you start pining for new carpet and working faucets. Yesterday I stepped on and was stung by a bee on our upstairs carpet! The ancient brown shag provides the perfect camouflage. You might ask, how did he get there? WELL, it appears we have a hive living in our back dormer, so I'll be calling an exterminator ASAP. Poor Nate has a major bee phobia (sorry, dear), so I know this is one thing he won't procrastinate in fixing. Next up will be replacing our front door. I have no peep hole, which means I have to look out the window to see who's there, meaning they know I'm home. Not such a big deal until you accidentally let in Jehovah's Witnesses who then promptly wake up your sleeping infant. Doh! Just one of the many "blessings" of home ownership. But, when my sink drips or my toilet runs, I know it's MY sink and MY toilet, which is a great feeling. If only the economy didn't crash, I would be mostly relaxed about the purchase. I know, that is probably the most commonly used sentence starter in the last month. We are very fortunate not to have been able to afford stock, but obviously the market affects us all, stock or no.

The picture included is from our recent trip to Shenandoah Valley to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Next year we plan to take a bigger trip and leave Vivi with grandparents. Any takers? At the top of our list is South America, but I am also antsy to visit the Pacific US, as I've never been farther West/North than the NV, CO, UT, NM, AZ square. In the nearer future, I am traveling to GA (more specifically, Vogel State Park) for an early Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family. I can't wait to visit with them and show off how much Vivi has grown. She is quite the flirt these days. Yesterday in line at Ross (like TJ Maxx), I heard a woman chuckle behind me and say "La nina es muy bonita, no?" to her friend. She always smiles at strangers. Put her in their arms, and that's another story. A quick look to me, then a lip quiver, then a full siren blast of screams and tears (which is actually also quite cute).


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