Thursday, July 31, 2008

The adventures of "real nappies" and stupid Brangelina

Firstly, if you're confused, the above subjects are unrelated--apart from the fact they both concern my wee one, as does everything these days. I'll start with the 2nd topic. I just heard that Angelina Jolie, who I usually think is super cool, recently gave birth to twins. She named the girl Vivienne and is calling her, no joke, Vivi. Even though she's going to be "Viv-ee," whereas ours is "Vee-vee," I fear I'll spend the rest of my life answering that, no, we did NOT name our child after Brangelina's. Does anyone else feel the twinge of irony that we went out of our way to choose a unique name only to have a huge celebrity steal it 2 months later? Ha! Oh well. As my mom said, at least we're in fashion.

On to the more fun topic. I began using cloth diapers yesterday, and I'm happy to report that as I had heard through the mommy blogosphere, they leak WAY less than disposables. I'll spare the details for everyone bored by these baby talks, but if you're into using "real nappies," as they're called in jolly ol' UK, I'm happy to share the nitty gritty. It took me hours of searching and reading to figure out whether to use them and what kind, so I'd love to be able to spare other moms the time. In fact, if I were an entrepreneur and knew how to do it, I'd create a website devoted to spreading the baby dirt, as it were. But like I was saying, cloth diapers are great. With the advent of fleece and velcro, they're softer than and almost as easy as disposables, as long as you're at home and close to a washing machine where you can easily throw them before you spread poo everywhere. You may have heard the controversy over whether they're better for the environment or not. While living in the UK, where probably about 25% of the public use real nappies and where they actually fund such research, their version of the EPA undertook a big study and the result...cloth diapers ARE about as bad for the environment as their disposable counterparts, when you consider the energy, water, and chemicals used to clean them. So why are we (he hem, I mean me) using them? They're cheaper! Since we'll probably use most of these over again on future kids, we could save $2k+ in the end. And as you all know, I do love a bargain!

My FDA interview went really well, so I'm hoping to hear back soon about the 2ND round of interviews (sigh). In other news, Nathan is working really hard non-stop with a real estate guy and a mortgage guy to try to get us into a house. We're going hunting this weekend, so fingers crossed we find a good deal. I took Vivi to her first church service last Sunday, at the Unitarian church in Arlington. While the sermon wasn't as great as the ones in Madison, I was pleased to meet so many pleasant folks, and I'm hoping to get involved in their social network. Next up, find an awesome lady who wants to watch Vivi for a great price, and who preferably lives near us, oh and is bilingual. Shouldn't be hard, right? Sha! Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

3 months old

We're back from our 3-week trip to Atlanta, and it's hard to believe we've only been back in the States for a month. It's amazing how quickly re-assimilation happens. I am so happy to be home again and really enjoyed being in Atlanta with friends and family. Now it's back to the routine...feeding, changing diapers, and napping. Genevieve has more personality every day, and I love motherhood as much as I thought I would. As hard as it can be, I still want to have more children. She can almost hold her head up by herself--right now she looks like a little bobblehead doll.
Last week she had her first two vaccinations, which led to a fever and swollen injection site. She was so uncomfortable and cried a lot that day, and then she had trouble sleeping for the next three nights. We also both caught a cold while we were home, so we're finally getting over that. I'm still applying for jobs. My first interview, with the FDA, is next week. Our other main activity right now is looking to buy a house. We need to find a loan for nearly 0% down, which is next to impossible. However, as rental rates skyrocket to $2k/month and house prices continue to drop, we are desperate to get out of renting if we can. Plus, we have moved 7 times in 7 years, and we would love to be in a "permanent" home if possible.
I'll write more when I can!


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