Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in the states

We arrived in DC on Friday after a surprisingly easy flight. She didn't cry once! After 3 days (and lots of cranky moments) we have all finally adjusted to the new time zone. Readjusting to American culture will be a longer process. I assimilated to British culture much more than I had realized, but we are both very happy to be home where life makes more sense. Our first (somewhat comical) experience at being thrust back into American culture was our breakfast at a diner on Saturday morning. Nathan ordered a large orange juice, and we both ordered water. The waitress could barely carry the three drinks to the table--it was a trough of juice! We can't wait to see what movies we missed while we were away, as well as TV shows. I didn't used to be very into TV, but having a baby means a lot of sitting around. Genevieve is developing a personality more every day. It's fun to watch her learn. We're staying in a temporary furnished apartment until we find a permanent place and our furniture arrives from overseas. Tomorrow we have our first pediatrician appointment, and then on Tuesday we are flying to Atlanta, where I'll stay until July 16th.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tally ho!

We are headed home to DC two weeks from today! I can't believe my time here is already over, but I am also very excited to be moving back to the states. Next week we are packing up the house and sending the car back, and then our last week will be spent in London. I am trying not to panic at the thought of going to Heathrow with Vivi, the cats, and 6 suitcases at 5am. Bleh.

We love our little girl so much. She changes a bit every day, becoming more alert, cooing, and smiling. I can't wait for you all to meet her. Right now she's contentedly kicking and gurgling in her bouncy seat. Pretty soon it will be back to feeding, changing, and putting her down for another nap. That in a nutshell pretty much sums up my entire day's activities. I take walks and watch a lot of TV since there's not much else I can do. I look forward to next week (my 6-week check-up), when I hopefully get the okay to begin exercising again. Yay yoga!

After we fly to DC on June 20th, we'll be headed to Atlanta on the 24th. I'll be there until July 15th, so I hope I can catch up with many of you then. Looking forward to it!


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