Thursday, April 24, 2008

40th Week

This is officially the first day of my "last" week of pregnancy. We're hopeful I won't go too far past the due date. I find it incredible that they're able to guess to within a week or 2 when you'll go into labor, not to mention that it happens on it's own at all! This whole experience has been very eye-opening. I feel so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy, and it has given me the confidence boost I need to attempt a natural labor. My body hasn't let me down yet, and I am trying to believe it will be the same (albeit painful for sure) when I give birth. It sounds funny to say, but I really do feel that my rowing experience will help me through the birthing process. How many times did my brain fight with my body when I was doing a 2k erg test? How I wish I had a coxswain to get me through the birth, but I am thankful that Nathan will be by my side. He knows all about the "erging mentality" as well, so he won't let me get away with saying "I can't do it." This picture was taken last week...we were attempting to model it after a professional picture of our friend Kelly, but my tiny mutant thumbs didn't quite form a heart.

I had 14 inches of hair cut off yesterday for my "mommy haircut," which will be donated to Locks of Love. I was going for the Katie Holmes look (see picture). It's a big difference, but I love it. I didn't realize how much it got in my way until it was gone. This style will be so much easier to maintain with a baby. It also helps me get into the new mindset of being a mom. Somehow, I see myself differently when I look in the mirror now, and it is preparing me for the huge identity shift to come. While I was in town, I had a lot of great conversations with the locals. There's something about being close to giving birth that makes people want to talk to me. They smile more (which could be also because it's FINALLY spring here), and they strike up conversations, which is quite unusual. It was warm and sunny yesterday afternoon (this is after a morning spent wearing a fleece-lined parka and carrying an umbrella...only in England!), so I sat in the back garden and read. The lambs have just been born on the farm behind us, so I could hear them crying and the birds chirping. It feels like a great time to add a new life to the world. I promise we'll put up pictures as soon as we can after she's born. Stay tuned!

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Lauren Dieterich said...

i can't wait to hear about the baby!! i am counting down the minutes with you and nate.

i love reading your blog by the way... i am living vicariously through y'all down here in ga.

much love and prayers for the next few weeks/labor/etc. (last 500m justine... give me a power 10!)


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