Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Traveling England

The weekend of the 26th was pretty lazy, with our major visit being to Cambridge. At 40 minutes away, it's only slightly closer to us than London, but it is much easier to access. We visited King's College Chapel (pictured) and strolled around town. Like London, Cambridge has much more restaurant variety than our little town, so we enjoyed some Greek falafel and a movie in the afternoon.
This past weekend started with our favorite auction to date, in a town called Willingham. We were overwhelmed by selection and decided it was now or never on purchasing a true English antique. We ended up with 2 Victorian pieces (period from 1837-1901), a small table and a huge trunk for a total of $200, which felt like a steal even at twice the price. We ran into a problem on our way out in attempting to fit the trunk in the world's smallest car trunk (or "boot" as they call them here), which I have discovered to be my least favorite part about our BMW. We may as well have purchased a Miata for all its utility. Luckily the saab gets here this week, so we'll have no problem lugging it home. That car could fit a tuba, a suitcase, and a dead dog at the same time (see "Wonder Boys" if confused).
After the auction we continued east to a town called Ely. The name dates back to when it was "the Isle of Ely." Before eastern England was drained and levied, Ely was an island! And apparently swarming with eels, hence the name. It is a spectacular sight to drive through the fens (what they refer to as the flat, formerly marshlands of eastern England where we live...could be Kansas if it weren't so green year round) and come across the huge cathedral at the top of a tall hill (nothing here could ever be confused for a mountain). Ely's cathedral is the largest in England, and it may be the largest I've ever seen. It must be over 200 ft from floor to ceiling. Fantastic! We took a short walk around town, made shorter by huge gusts of freezing cold wind. My favorite stop by far was to a chocolate shop that reminded me much of Chocolat. After sampling incredibly delicious truffles and 2 very intriguing ganaches (rose and jasmine tea), we took in another movie in the afternoon and spent Sunday relaxing.
Our big news is that we are likely moving home this summer! I'm excited to be giving birth here because I love the midwives and their practices, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were back home in July. Stay tuned!

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Uncle joe


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