Sunday, August 20, 2006

Poor Rudolph

Our first day in Stockholm got started pretty late (7pm their time, Noon our time, but after sleeping only a few hours in the air). We were starved so decided that after checking in and taking a shower, we'd take a quick stroll on our way to dinner. Stockholm is very beautiful and interesting--it reminds me both of Brussels and Venice; lovely architecture, cobblestone streets, and water everwhere. If you don't know, Stockholm is made up of many islands, so we're planning to take a boat trip at some point to see it all. We had dinner in a traditional Swedish restaurant. Aparetifs before dinner with blueberry liquer and sparkling wine, then Nate had reindeer and a cloudberry/mousse dessert. Today we didn't wake up until 12, but the sun stays up late here, so we're expecting to get some sight-seeing in.

1 comment:

Alan said...

It looks and sounds awesome out there. Keep the updates coming guys.


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