Monday, December 19, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Our friend Jen came to visit us this weekend. We had so much fun! Some highlights: We saw the "holiday tree" in front of the White House, which somehow has received much controversy for not being called a "Christmas tree." Actually, this may be the only time in my life I agree with Christian Fundamentalists. If calling it a holiday tree means you get ugly blue snowflake ornaments instead of colorful ones, I'd prefer we just call a spade a spade. The tree in this picture is not this year's, so apparently they didn't used to have "Make it ugly" on the to-do list in years past. Also, the lighting of the "yule log" was one of the most hilarious spectacles I've ever seen. People crowded around a large hole in the ground with a bonfire in it, while a large tractor drowned out the sounds of christmas music while it shoved huge logs in the hole.
We are flying to Atlanta this Wednesday, December 21st to celebrate the holidays through the new year. I hope we get a chance to see many of our friends and family, so give us a call if you're in town!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wish List

Nate and I are waiting impatiently for him to start his job still. We are also excited about being able to come home for x-mas! While we aren't sure on the dates yet, we think we might be able to come home late in the week before x-mas and leave after new year's. Speaking of x-mas, a present I'd like to buy myself is a digital camera. I've pretty much decided on the Nikon D50. This is where you say "Oohhh, ahhhhh."
In other news, I got a scholarship for the spring semester. It's not a full ride but every bit helps! If I can somehow get a full time job after this semester is over, I can get my tuition fully paid for. It would be hard to work full time and go to school, but what am I saying? Right now I'm planning to work part time, coach rowing, and go to school. Plus, with GWU being night school, there are a lot of students who also have full time jobs (some of them are even MDs).
I hope to be able to see you all at some point in the 12-ish days we'll be home. Keep in touch!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Teddy Bear

Nate and I went to visit Theodore Roosevelt Island recently. If you don't know, it is located smack in the middle of the Potomac River right where the boats row. Some cool (ok, dorky) facts: it's 88 acres, which is a lot bigger than I thought, and it has a memorial to TR in the middle, which is amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiring (and at which this picture, also not one of mine, was shot). Another very awe-inspiring place we visited is Arlington National Cemetery, which brings tears to your eyes no matter who you are, and has the most spectacular view of DC I have yet to see.

Why I don't live in the Capitol...

A new learning experience for me: Capitol is a building, Capital is a city. So unless somehow you live in the Nation's Capitol (meaning the Capitol Building), then you actually live in the Nation's Capital. Things you never have to think about until you live here.
Other things constantly amuse me about living here: Last night, I attended the Bethesda HS Crew Board meeting. When asked how a parent was coming along with reproducing DVDs, someone commented, "Well, the Senate is in recess, so she should have more time now." I must keep in mind that a "parent" is a relative term here. "Supermom" is more like it. :)
I am trying to get over a long-lived bacterial infection, which is why I've neglected communicating with friends via e-mail and this blog. I will do better now that I have more energy, so don't give up on me!
Christmas is in the air. It snowed about 4 inches last night, so it is beautiful here today! Georgetown is a sight to be seen with its white twinkle lights and snow-covered cathedrals. An Asian man sang "Noel" on the subway at the top of his lungs this morning, which brought back memories of "Fa rah rah rah rah" via "The Christmas Story". At least it never gets boring! The plastic pipe-cleaner-ish tree is up with all of it's heavy ornaments and 2 strings of lights. Think Charlie Brown, only add two deranged cats flying full speed ahead at it's branches. I can't wait to come home and see everyone!
The picture is of Potomac Boat Club in G-town from the view of the river. I wish I could claim ownership of it, but I got it from online. I really want a digital camera...more on that later.


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