Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fall news update

We are living in Arlington, VA. We found an apartment (address: 1941 Columbia Pike, Apt. 33, Arlington, VA 22204), although we have learned that "a place we can afford" is all relative. Nate is still waiting for his background check to get finished up before he can start working at the NGA. In the meantime, he is working at a backpacking store called Hudson Trail Outfitters. We both secured coaching positions at a youth rowing club called Bethesda-Chevy Chase Crew (or BCC for short). They're a well-established Maryland-based high school crew with great organization and lots of potential. We're looking forward to learning more about how a youth program is run. They row out of Thompson Boat Center in DC, which is something of a Grand Central Station for DC-area crews who row on the Potomac. It's absolute mayhem 99% of the time, but loads of fun and has tons of great resources (not to mention coaches). I'll move on so I don't bore you non-crew people. I currently have my part-time job at GWU, a temporary weekend gig as instructor for a fall learn-to-row program, another part-time job flying back to Madison as a consultant for my old job every few weeks, and I'm going to get an additional holiday job at Ann Taylor Loft. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but as most of you know, staying busy is what I love to do.
We love living in the same city as a great friend (Corinne) and are enjoying getting to know the city. My dad, brother, and grandfather visited this weekend (en route to a VA Civil War reenactment), so we checked out some touristy sights like the National Cathedral and Smithosonian Museum of Natural History.
We home many of you will come visit us! The door is always open, and now that we're used to living in this cramped space, we say let's cram it some more.


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