Friday, June 17, 2005

Bullwinkle meets Boris

I think I accidentally found my nemesis when searching the net for an article. I have a suggestion for an alternative title to her blog, Rightwingsparkle. How about "Righteous Self-indulgent Texas madwoman"? Too mean? Okay, I can tone it down. How about "Mini Ann Coulter"? There, that about does it. :)

Vanity Awesome

I've discovered within the past week, through various articles given to me by friends and by picking up a copy in the hospital waiting area (shhh, don't tell) that I love the magazine "Vanity Fair." It isn't just because I can read the intimate details of Angelina Jolie's life, but really it's because of the articles (I sound like a "Playboy" addict...I read it for the articles, I swear!). I like what I've read so far of Michael Wolff articles. The new article in the July issue (called "The Power of Rove") is also interesting. And an older article that will get your blood boiling no matter what side of fence you're on is about Bunny Greenhouse.


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